Beyerdynamic dt 770Pro review

My personal review on the dt 770pro headphones....

New blog update !

I've just updated my blog entirely. Why and how

Why did I update my blog?

well, I created this blog in January of 2022, and since then I just wanted it to look better. The blog wasn't awful, it just did not look as professional and updated as I wanted. So I decided to change it completely.
To get good design and component consistency, I used NextUI which is a very nice component library. I also inspired the design of their page as it is very modern and pretty.
I suggest you to check out NextUI, very fast and comfortable to work with.

Some old blog photos

Old blog 1
Old blog 2

Search Engine Optimization

Design issues aside, the blog used only React Js which is not the best if you want to be indexed by a Google Bot. So that needed to be fixed too.
To fix that I just used NextJs which is perfect to get good SEO and performance in general. The old blog wasn't bad in performance, but it had room for improvement. Now I use ISR for the post pages. And siple static generation for the index page.
I also use some traditional data fetching in order to retrieve the likes on the posting page.
That's all, hope it was useful and inspiring for you.